01. We are very [fortunate] to be living in such a beautiful, rich country.
02. We won't be able to come to your party [unfortunately] because we have a previous engagement.
03. The child fell out of the apple tree, but [fortunately] was unharmed.
04. We were quite [fortunate] that no one was hurt in the car accident we had on our holidays.
05. It was just [unfortunate] that it rained every day during our vacation in Hawaii.
06. I heard my daughter scream, but [fortunately] it was just because she had seen a spider.
07. Money is a stupid measure of achievement, but [unfortunately] it is the only universal measure we have.
08. Hector Berlioz once remarked that time is a great teacher, but [unfortunately] it kills all its pupils.
09. There is a Turkish proverb which observes that too much sympathy for the [unfortunate] makes you unhappy.
10. Whenever I feel bad, I try to remember that there are millions of people less [fortunate] than myself.
11. Nick Faldo once joked, "We were happily married for eight months. [Unfortunately], we were married for four and a half years."
12. We are all very [fortunate] to be living in countries where we have enough to eat and our lives are not in danger.
13. You should feel yourself [fortunate] to be able to go to university and get a good education like this.
14. It is [unfortunate] that you were unable to come to the party.
15. We should all do our best to help less [fortunate] members of our society.

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